Sunday, June 29, 2008

When the cat's away...

This is what happens when Mommy is away for the afternoon and Daddy is "watching" the kids! :0) My sweet husband gave me Friday afternoon off! He kept the kids during naptime, and when they woke up he took them to the park and to Zesto's (a local burger/ice cream joint-NOT to be confused with Buffalo China or all the other chicken and waffle restaurants around)! It was so relaxing. I didn't really do much but it was a nice little break. I got my hair cut and roamed a few stores. I actually got it cut pretty short! I had it pulled one time too many and decided "off with it!" When i came home around 5:00, Anson greeted me on the back porch with a huge hug and said "Mommy, I like your hair! You look so pretty!" Awww. Daddy put him up to the first part but he added the pretty part all on his own! Oh, by the way... the Coke can wasn't actually open! :0)
Here is the latest unbelievable thing that Anson did... just when I think I have seen it all...
We are potty training and he has had a great week! For three mornings in a row now he has been dry! He still has an occasional "accident" during the day. It's more of an "I don't feel like stopping to go potty" more than the "i didn't quite make it to the potty" accident. So here is the unbelievable part. After dinner, I had just taken Ella in to get ready for her bath and I told Anson to go take his clothes off and get ready too. After 30 seconds I hear "Uh-Oh! Mommy I went pee pee!" I came tearing around the corner and found him in the dining room , naked. I asked "Where did you you go?" To which he quickly replied, "In your cup!" I had a big plastic cup with water in it left from dinner! Yuk!! Boy am I glad he is truthful and told me, or... you get the point! Yuk! Later he told Ella, "Never go pee pee in cups... only in the potty, OK Ella?" Guess he got the point! I think I will still be cautious before I drink anything that has been left on the table! :0)
Have a great week!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Anson's song...

I actually got Anson to stand still and sing a song for the camera tonight before bed. (He wanted to be on the computer too) Every night after prayer we sing a little medley of the Amen song, Holy Holy Holy, and Jesus Loves Me. So here is his version of Holy, Holy, Holy. He is actually trying to change pitch now instead of being completely monotone... I have a little hope for his singing ability!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I really shouldn't...but... it is!
Dusty wanted me to post this right away because it is so funny! I have been debating but I finally gave in. I was videoing Ella, trying to catch her clapping her hands, but I got a bonus instead! In this video she definitely takes after Dusty more than me! :o)

Today, we walked to the ice cream store for an afternoon snack. The kids were soooooooo quiet in the stroller that I finally said, "You are so quiet! What are you thinking about, Anson?" He immediately replied, "worms!" I had to laugh! I asked "What about worms?" and he said "Oh, they're wiggly." Then he said he wanted pink ice cream with sprinkles. He told me at least 10 times before we got to the order window. I read off the flavors of the day and asked if he still wanted pink (strawberry) and he said "Yes!". So I started ordering and he interrupted me and said "I'd like lemon with sprinkles, please!" The man said, "I don't think sprinkles will taste very good with the lemon sorbet" but Anson said "Yes they do!" So, that is what he got and he loved it! He told me a few times that it was very sour but he liked it. It is so funny to see him as a "real" person who has thoughts and opinions... and many of them!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wagon fun

Hi Everyone! I can wave now!

Ella - 9 months

Anson - 3 years!

Today Ella took her first wagon ride. She loved it! She just looks so big sitting up in the wagon. And now when she pulls herself up she lets go with one hand. One time she let go with both and stood on her own for a second! She's really growing fast.

I just had a family picture taken as well as Ella's 9 month and Anson's 3 year. I'm not thrilled with them but they turned out OK. I think I will start practicing at home and be able to take my own like Ranae (Your pictures are awesome! And I love your new blog design!)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday at the Park

Wall walking with Daddy

Feeding the ducks

Midtown Atlanta from Piedmont Park

Getting ready for church...

Today we went to church in the morning and then to the park after naps. On Sundays we like to go to Piedmont Park which is Atlanta's equivalent to Central Park. We usually meet our friend Cyrl there and just walk around, feed the ducks and fish, and let Anson get out some energy by playing on the playground!

Not much else new... let's see... Oh yes, and Anson tidbit. Here is a sample of what it is like to talk to Anson these days...

Anson: (from in the car) Mommy, where is our home?
Mom: We just left home so it's behind us.
Anson: Well, let me see it!
M: You can't see it from here, it's far away now.
A: Well, let me see it!
M: Honey, you can't see it from here but we'll be there soon.
A: Oh. OK. Mommy, where is our home? ...

Next Conversation:
A: Mommy, where are we going?
M: To the vacuum store to pick up our vacuum.
A: Where is the vacuum store?
M: In Buckhead.
A: Where is Buckhead... let me see it.
M: I'll let you know when we get there.
M: See Anson, this is Buckhead.
A: No it's not. I don't see it.
M: Well, this is Buckhead.
A: What is Buckhead?
M: It's the part of town that the store is in.
A: Where is the vacuum store?
M: It's right here. We're here now.
A: Oh...... Mommy where is our home?
Sounds like a chapter from a Dick and Jane book!! So many questions!! I think I will start carrying a picture of our home with us so I can show him when he asks! :o)

Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And now for the Doctor visits...

Anson went for his 3 year check-up today and Ella had her 9 month at the same time. They both were great! Anson is 3 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 36.5 pounds! ( 75-90th percentile) Ella weighed 18 pounds 3 ounces (25-50th percentile) and is 29 1/8 inches long (90-95th percentile). Maybe she'll be tall and skinny? Both of them are right on target developmentally.

Well, Anson had a great birthday yesterday! We started out with a picnic lunch in the park. We found a nice shady spot by the fish pond, and with the breeze, it was not very hot. Then we went to the zoo. At the zoo, we rode the train and the carousel, saw all the animals, and Anson got his own dish of strawberry ice cream which he enjoyed sharing with Ella! He also got to pick out anything he wanted (within reason) from the gift shop... he chose, with much deliberation, an iguana for $2.99! I'm so glad he doesn't quite understand money yet! Then it was home for naps. While the kids were napping I went out and got balloons and made his cake. For a few weeks now I have been asking him what he wants on his birthday cake. I kept expecting to hear "Elmo" or "an elephant", but every time he said "strawberries and blueberries!" So that is what I made him! It actually turned out quite yummy and was very easy. And while he was still sleeping I called his little girlfriend and neighbor, Sagan, to see if they would come have cake with us. So Sagan and her Mommy and Daddy (Sharon and Hollon) came over at 5:00 for birthday cake! I had to wake him up when they got here and he was surprised to see Sagan and all of his balloons and cake. So it turned out to be a fun day for Anson to turn "fee" (3)!

Here are some pics from the day:

Picnic at Grant Park

Sharing ice cream
carousel ride...he had to ride the giraffe!

Anson and Sagan

Strawberry and Blueberry cake

Guess it passed the taste test!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Anson!!!

I have been reminiscing, going through Anson's baby pictures, trying to remember the little baby that he once was. Every chubby-cheeked, dimpled smile and snuggly bed-time yawn... That little baby only exists in the photo albums and memories now... he has been replaced by a growing boy who changes by the minute it seems! I am sad to see his baby and toddler years over and excited, at the same time, for the man he is to become! We are so blessed to have a first-born son of such character! And he is a character! We often joke that he gets more spankings in an hour than Uncle Jared did in his entire life! :o) But everyday he is being shaped and molded into a little man with a big heart who loves to:
Read his Bible and books
Hug his sister
Kiss his Mommy
Play with Daddy
Talk to the squirrels (and anyone else who will listen!)
Eat ice cream and cookies and pizza
Dance and jump on the bed
Go fishing with Daddy
Talk to his grandparents and aunts/uncles on the phone
Pray that Mommy will be patient! (He really does!)
So here are a few reminiscent pictures of our little birthday boy:

Anson - 1 Day old

4 months old...

6 months

First Birthday

15 months

18 months - tux for Jared and Brittany's wedding

His famous "funny face" - with yogurt

Second Birthday!

My kitchen helper!

Happy Birthday Anson! We love you!

And thank you to everyone who has sent him Birthday wishes! He is really getting to stretch this birthday!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Sorry this is a day late! We had a lazy day yesterday and I'm just getting around to the blog...
Dusty was greeted with an early morning "Happy Father's Day" from Anson and Ella around 7:00 am. They gave him his cards and gifts and he loved them! Ella gave him a book entitled "Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters", Anson gave him a book called "Billionaire in Training", and I gave him a new shirt. We went to church, then to the Penang restaurant (Our favorite Malaysian restaurant). We watched movies all afternoon and just relaxed.

So thank you, Dusty for being such a great father to your kiddos and an awesome husband to your favorite wife! (Old Rollins joke :o) We love you very much! Thank you for sharing yourself with us! Here are some of my favorite "Daddy" pictures!

Dusty's first Father's Day! - Anson 2 days old

Playing on the bed

"Teach a man to fish..."

Daddy's little girl... Ella a few hours old.

Playtime with Daddy!

And a big thank you to my Dad for being such a great Dad to three girls! I love you, Dad!

And thank you, Dad Rollins, for giving us Dusty and training him by your example to be a great father! We love you!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The face only a mother could love!

So you've met and know Anson and Ella... but here is our real first-born! This is Bella, our Chihuahua! She is a sweet little dog and is slowly realizing that she is just that... a dog. She doesn't get as much attention as she did in our pre-kid days so I am dedicating this post just to her! :o) So here is everything there is to know about Bella:

Full name: Isabella Rollins

Age: 6 years

Favorite Owner: Dusty, by far

Arch-Nemesis': Anson and the mail lady

Favorite toy: beanie baby chihuahua - she was that small when we got her!

Past-times: Napping, chasing her tail while growling, and singing. Yes she sings!

She is not the typical Chihuahua ( high spirited and yappy and will bite anyone who is not their owner) and is actually very sweet with the kids, despite all the pulling of her tail, poking her eyeballs, and trying to "ride" her.

So yes, I may have, at one point, tried to give her away to anyone who would take her, but she is our dog and we're glad to have her! :o)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

High Falls

High Falls

Today we went to High Falls State Park (30 miles south of ATL) with out friends Ann and Steve. The boys did some fishing and the girls stayed in the shade trying to keep cool... but it was HOT! We grilled out hot dogs and hamburgers and had a great time catching up with our friends. We even made some new friends in some geese! Anson loved feeding them. We had a great day. Here are some pics...


Anson "fishing" with a stick.

Daddy and Ella having fun!

Ella playing with Ann!

Friday, June 6, 2008


Yesterday, in the grocery store, Anson was talking a mile a minute about everything. And for those of you who know Anson well, he is not very quiet! And for those of you who know Dusty well, you understand where he gets it! :o) Well, all of a sudden he says in his sweet, inquisitive way, "Why that lady not have a shirt on? She naked?" I immediately turned to see a young lady wearing a tan tank top walking next to us. I just smiled and she laughed. Luckily she had a sense of humor! I tried to pick up my pace before he came out with any other questions!

He is starting to remember things that he has done in the past. Today on our way to Sams, he said "Mommy, remember when I went to the baseball game? What was that treat I had there?" Dusty took him to a Braves game before Ella was born 9 months ago! And the treat he wanted to remember was dip-n-dots, the little ice cream balls! I guess he really enjoyed them! The child's mind is amazing.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Ella!

We went to the Orthopaedist for Ella today and she received a great report! She no longer has to wear the hip brace at night!!!! Yea! He took x-rays and everything looks the way it is supposed to now! We are so thankful that God and the doctors have healed our little girl's hips and that she will develop correctly! This will be the first night that she hasn't slept with the brace on in 6 months!! It is so fitting that she just learned how to clap her hands yesterday! Now she has something else to clap about. It is so cute so I'm posting a video:

I just got a new camera and I have been playing around with all the settings. Obviously the date stamp is wrong but here are some pictures from this evening...

And for a funny story: As a treat for Anson (and Mommy) we went to The Varsity for a Frosted Orange drink after Ella's appointment. I let Anson take the last little bit in the car with him. We were getting ready to stop at the grocery store when Anson said "Mommy, look! It's cold!" He had taken the lid off and had his fingers in it. I told him NOT to spill because we were stopping in 2 seconds. Well, you know what comes next... sticky frosted orange drink all down the front of his car seat and onto the rug. (How does so little drink make such a big mess?) As I parked the car, I heard him mumbling something. When I opened his door to see the damage, he had his hands folded and eyes squeezed shut. This is what I heard:

"Dear Jesus, please help me to listen and obey. And please help Mommy
be patient and be happy. In Jesus name, Amen!" and then with a huge grin, "There mommy, you're happy now!" "I'm sorry I spilled my drink".

How can you be mad a that?? :o) Do you think he's heard me pray for patience before?

Monday, June 2, 2008

We're Back!

Hi everyone! We missed you in cyberspace! We had a great trip to Florida! It was fun being with Family and friends and having fun in the sun! Traveling is so different when you have kids... I now need a vacation to recover from my vacation! But we had a great time. Let's see, what did we do? Here are the highlights:

Went to visit my parents in DeLand...

We had a Memorial Day cookout with all the DeLand family
Anson helped Papa build a picnic table and helped Gramma bake a cake

Ella just sat around looking cute! We had fun spalshing in the pool!

We went to Orlando to visit Auntie Amy and Uncle Andy and see their new house under construction! Beautiful! We also had fun visiting Amy at work. Anson finally got to meet Roxanna, the author of his favorite stories, Super Pig!

Went shopping with Gramma and ended up calling 911 for Anson! He tipped over a huge oak bench onto his chest at the mall and stopped breathing for a few seconds! Don't worry, he is fine!He didn't have to go to the hospital. I probably over-reacted but it was pretty scary at the time! Boys!

Went to the Central Florida Zoo with Gramma and Papa! Anson LOVED it!
We rode the train at the zoo!
Anson got to touch a Florida Kingsnake!
Went to see my clarinet teacher and friend of 20 years, Lynn Musco and her family! We reminisced and got caught up on present times. I babysat her son Alex as a little guy and he just graduated from High School! Boy do I feel old!

Then we went to Melrose to visit Dusty's parents!

All the family (except Dusty) met for lunch on Sunday and we had a great time! (Dusty's crew is working on a big job in Charleston, SC and he had to go with them this time). We celebrated Anson's birthday a few weeks early,too!

Anson and Ella got to play with their cousin Charlotte, and have fun with all of their Aunts and Uncles too! Charlotte is such a cuite pie! We hadn't seen her since Christmas and it was so much fun to see her and Ella play. Ella tried to pinch her cheeks and Charlotte just laughed! And Anson just kept kissing and hugging "Baby Char-itt".
Fun with Auntie Amber...

Thank you everyone for the fun trip! It was so good to see you all!

The kiddos did great in the car, despite Anson's newest trick: When everything is quiet, shouting "Ella" and making her scream! Poor little sissy.

Well, I think I will go to bed early tonight! More later...