Monday, November 22, 2010

Cousin Fun!

Ice cream in the "bus" after the beach. Yes, Aly drives a 12 passenger van! :o)

New Smyrna Beach (Canaveral National Seashore)

The boys!

Asa and Zachary are only a month apart!!

Ella and Emily are a month apart, too!

Laura, Zachary, Emily, Anson, Joshua, Ella, Rebekah, Asa, and Rachel!

My sister Aly and her family came down from Maine for a visit and we have been having so much fun! Anson, Ella, and Asa have been having a blast with their SIX cousins!! Aly's last 3 and my three are very close in age so it has been fun seeing them interact. And eveyone is getting along well! :o) So far we have gone to the beach, gone shopping, and done a lot of eating meals together. They are going to be here for Thanksgiving and for the first week of December. What a great way to start the Christmas season!