Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Asa!!

One year ago my sweet little Asa was born!
The party! Cousins Charlotte and Naomi helped Asa celebrate!

He really enjoyed his cake!

He didn't know what to think at first...

We celebrated Asa's birthday yesterday! I still can't believe that he is 1 already!! His official birthday is tomorrow. As you can see in the video, he has the best laugh! He was having so much rolling his maracca off the step... it doesn't take much to thrill him! And tonight as we were getting ready for bed, he crawled for the first time! Like, really crawled!! He has been up on all fours, rocked back and forth, and even become a champ at push-ups, but tonight he crawled, bona-fide! Watch out, he's mobile now. Just in time for his birthday! Happy Birthday little Buddy!

In attendance at Asa's party were:

Gramma and Papa

Amy and Andy

Jared, Brittany, Charlotte and Naomi

Erica, Robert and JR

Mommy, Daddy, Anson and Ella

Toto and Pop came to visit Asa on Monday(they were away during his party)

Thanks for helping us celebrate Asa's first year!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random Anson and Ella-isms

On Monday I was upstairs with the kids, getting them ready for the day. Anson brought out his slinky and showed me how "messed up" it had become. He said "Mommy, look how messed up my slinky got! I don't know how it happenned but don't worry, it won't ruin my life! Now, if something happenned to blue elephant, that WOULD ruin my life!"

And Ella, later that morning, was being chased by Anson who enjoys tormenting her from time to time, usually disguised as some sort of animal. She turned around and stopped, put out her hand and said, "Don't even 'sink' about it!!" I guess she told him!

They can be pretty hilarious! They do argue a lot like any normal siblings but one book I have found that gets them on track is "My ABC Bible verses - Hiding God's Word in Little Hearts". Each page has a verse and a story on their level which helps them understand the verse and it's concept and meaning. I just LOVE the one about not complaining! We try to read a page together each morning and it gives us a theme to work on all day.

Anson is doing great with home schooling! We are doing Saxon Math (Kindergarten) and he is breezing through it so far. I am using "Bob Books" for reading and "Explode the Code" for phonics and reading concepts. We went to an open house for St. Barnabas school in December and really loved it. He is going on a shadow visit this month where he will go to a whole day of school by himself! He is so excited and I think he will do well.

And Asa is being a litte stinker about being weaned! He will be 1 year old on Tuesday and still refuses to drink from a cup! Every day I try and I am so frustrated! On top of that, he was sick last week which set us back even further. But eventually he will learn and grow just like the others. I have a feeling he is somewhat allergic to milk so I have tried lactaid, formula, and now am going to try Almond milk. He is just so fussy which is not like him. Any suggestions??