Monday, September 19, 2011

Ella's 4th Birthday!

Princesses Joanna, Ella, and Charlotte :o)
Princess Ella and Princess Erica!
Erica, Ella, Joanna and Elena
Joanna and Elena, sweet sisters
I caught Princess Grace with a mouthfull of blueberry muffins! :o) Isn't she adorable?
The tea party
The boys had their own table ...
Princess Ella
A house full!

Our little Princess wanted to have a Princess party so we made it a Princess Tea Party! We invited all the little girls to come dressed as their favorite princess and it was so cute!!! They all loved being dressed up! My Mom and Amy helped me set up a tea party for them outside under a sun shade that we had decorated with toole and a Happy Birthday sign. My Mom made butterfly shaped pb&j sandwiches, mini blueberry muffins, and little skewers of fruit, served on silver trays. I made the cupcakes and we had real glasses with lemonade. They thought it was so fancy! And as a special treat (and a surprise to me!) my cousin Erica came dressed as a sparkly princess! It was so cute! We had 28 adults, 15 kids and 3 babies in all! A Birthday to remember! Happy Birthday Ella!


Choate Family said...

Happy birthday, Ella! What a great reason to celebrate :-)

Keidi said...

So fun!! I'm going to steal some of those great ideas, you could submit your party to a magazine. 8) Happy Birthday, Princess Ella!