Monday, September 19, 2011

Anson's 6th Birthday!

Anson started out the day with Pancakes made by Daddy with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and a few chocolate chips - his special request! He wanted breakfast in bed but he changed his mind and had it on the couch! :o) Ella was so sweet... she ran up to get her big pink pillow to make him more comfortable!
After breakfast he got his present from Mommy and Daddy... a new bike!
We had his party the next day (June 18th) with friends and family. This year he wanted a Scooby Doo party (his new favorite show - we DVR the old episodes). And since it is so hot in June, we decided to have water games outside for all the kids. We set up a water ring and baby pool for the little guys, and a couple slip-n-slides for the big kids. Everyone had a great time!
Tring to cool off in the shade...
The boys slip-n-slide... the girls had a different one.
Scooby Doo cake

His binoculars from Toto and Pop
My big Six Year Old!
Happy Birthday Anson!

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mark lawrence said...

Such lovely pictures from Anson's 6th Birthday! I liked all of these photos. Anyways, our daughter’s 6th birthday is approaching soon so I too have started planning her birthday bash. It will be a carnival inspired party so I need to book a spacious convention center for that. Can you help me find a good location?