Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Here is a conversation that just took place between Anson and Ella...
Anson: (sitting on the couch side by side, each with a huge backpack) Hold on Ella, here we go!
Ella: Wait, there is a baby gaffe! Come back here baby gaffe!
Anson: Ella, there are no giraffes here... we are in the patacious time period!
Ella: No, Anson, I am just tepending!
Anson: Well, pretend that there are no giraffes! Only dinosaurs!

Ella is really into "tepending"! Anson loves pretending with her except they even fight when they pretend! He will say "can I have some tea, too?" And she will say "No, it's all gone" and he will say "please, Ella? I am really thirsty!" and so on...
So what do you do as a mom, pretend to punish them for pretend fighting? :o)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Animal Kingdom

"Oh yuk! Kisses!"

Walking through Africa...

Ella wasn't fond of anything dark but evidently Charlotte was having a ball! :o)

Waiting for the "Bug's Life" 3D movie...

Flash forward 11 years! I don't even want to think about Anson driving just yet! Hold on Charlotte!

Aren't these Minnie Mouse ears barrettes adorable?? Auntie Brittany made them for all the girls! She's so clever!

Asa is his safari outfit ready to go on his first jeep safari! Yes I am that corny! When in Disney you must dress the part! Ella's Minnie Mouse dress is getting too short so I'm on the look out for a new pattern!

Since we purchased our Disney Passes last month, we are determined to go to all the parks before the end of the year! This week we went to Animal Kingdom and had a great time! Jared, Brittany, Charlotte and Naomi went too! There was entire area of the park devoted to dinosaurs which Anson loved! And the animal safari ride was really neat. I think we saw all the animals... giraffes, elephants, deer, antilope, hippos, rhinos, tons of birds etc. Disney just does things right! And Anson and I rode the Mt Everest roller coaster together. He was very brave... it was not a kiddie ride! He didn't like the dark part but he did great! And Ella managed to disappear for probably 30 seconds which felt like an eternity to her frantic parents! We turned around and she was gone! We were in the bat exhibit and she just walked out the doors all by herself! SCARY! We had a big talk about how you never leave your Mommy and Daddy's side!!! After that we did not take our eyes off of her!

So, Jared and Brittany, Epcot next?? :o)