Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Cabbage Patch and Lollipops

Babyland General

The "babies" in the nursery

The Cabbage Patch

The kids and I took a trip to Cleveland, GA (up in the mountains) today to take some pics of a job for Dusty (He flew to Orlando for the day to do an estimate down there!) And while we were in the tiny town of Cleveland, we stopped in to see Babyland General where the Cabbage Patch Kids were born! It is free to go and it was so cute! I LOVED Cabbage Patch Kids when I was a tot and it was a big deal when I got my first one! Anson and Ella loved walking around looking at all the babies growing up from the cabbage patch. I was so sentimental seeing Ella pick up and love on the babies that I was about to plunk down a very large sum to "adopt" one for her but then when she was just as excited to see a lollipop in the gift store, I decided against it! :o) The babies in the picture are life sized and are only sold there. They were really cute. We did end up getting a little doll AND a lollipop!

So on the way home Anson and Ella are sucking on their lollipops, chatting away about how Anson's has gum in the middle and Ella's has a tootsie roll, and this was their conversation...

Ella: Does a person live inside my lollipop?
Anson: NO!
Ella: Why not?
Anson: Because lollipops don't have refrigerators!

Like, Duh! A person couldn't live in a lollipop without a refrigerator! :o)
These kids crack me up!

By the way, Asa was an angel on our outing! He ate, slept and smiled in between! Such a sweetie!