Monday, November 14, 2011

Atlanta Fall Trip

We went to Atlanta for a short weekend visit last week! It was our first time back as a family since we moved to Florida last summer. The Fall leaves and weather were beautiful! We enjoyed driving around town and being in the big city again. It was funny to hear the kids talk about how Atlanta is different from DeLand (only in every way!). Anson remembered a lot but Ella didn't remember anything! (She was not even three when we moved so that makes sense.) It was Ella and Asa's first experience with Fall leaves and they loved it! Ella couldn't get over how beautiful the trees' colors were! We even got to play all afternoon on Saturday with Sagan, Anson's best little friend in our old neighborhood! We had fun taking these pictures... we have taken Fall pictures in Piedmont Park ever since Anson was a baby and I laid him in a pile of yellow leaves so it was so great to be back and see Asa in the same sweater Anson wore! Happy Fall Ya'll!

Anson at the yellow tree...
View of Midtown from Atlantic Station
Anson likes taking pictures now so I had to pose for him! He did a great job!
Our favorite tree in the corner of Piedmont Park
Our tree

The kids and Sagan. Sharon prepared us lunch on Saturday and we had a great time playing and catching up!
Mommy and Asa (Anson was the photographer!)
Anson and Ella have never seen a working pay phone!
Having quite a conversation!
Piedmont Park
I took a picture of Ella here when she was 10 days old in a little purple outfit...same geese in the background!
Sharon and Asa (We first met Sharon when we were building the house across the street - in the background)
Asa's first romp in the leaves!
Anson and Ella throwing leaves for him
A little sleepy after playing

All of us in Piedmont Park