Friday, June 3, 2011

Rollin on the river

Asa is 16 months now! Time is just flying! He is still a little peanut (just under 20 lbs) and isn't walking yet but I'm sure he will be runnung before we know it. He is such a happy guy! Just don't eat if you don't have some to share with him!! He loves to eat.
He also loves being pulled int he wagon! We are having lots of fun outside now... swinging, the wagon, and slides. He loves to go down the little slide.
We took our little boat out onto the river today... it was a beautiful day.
Asa was all wrapped up safely in his life vest! :o)
We saw this little guy on the shore...
Can you see the gator?
He ws a big one! We saw 4 gators, a big turtle sunning on a log, tons of birds (osprey, herons, cranes, and cormorants) and the racoon. Anson and Ella had a blast. They are at the age where they will sit still and just look for wildlife which was fun. We love Florida!